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Take your first step to a natural, safe and healthy beauty routine with Bellàpierre mineral cosmetics. Offering a full range of Mineral Make up and Skin Care that you could only dream of, Bellàpierre will ensure you look and feel like a goddess. With 100% natural mineral cosmetics across the range not only will your skin look amazing it will feel amazing too!

This new concept in mineral make up will become the most dominant and sought after product in the mineral cosmetics market in the coming years. First is the quality today’s savvy consumers demand, not only the safety of natural mineral cosmetics products, but also the smart look that only high quality natural mineral make up products can bestow.

Our basic and most fundamental mission is to develop, produce and sell the highest quality natural mineral make up products while delivering a level of service which far exceeds that of our competitors. Offering the best mineral cosmetics range available, Bellàpierre encompasses every mineral make up product you need, from Mineral Foundation, Mineral Bronzers and Blushes, Mineral Eye Shadow and Mineral Lipsticks through to mixing products and professional quality brushes, making the option to buy mineral make up the natural and obvious choice.


The ingredients of our mineral cosmetics appeal to all skin types and tones improving your canvas with every use and ensuring a flawless finish every time. From the base of your skin care up to the last stroke of your mascara, the Bellàpierre mineral cosmetics line enhances your natural beauty creating a forever youthful appearance and diminishes appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Our new Paraben-Free Skin Care  "Derma Beauty" utilizes Dead Sea salt and natural plant extracts for a natural skin care range that offers everything you need for softer, cleaner more youthful skin. The complete range includes Make up Remover, Milky Cleanser, Facial Toner, Eye Gel, Facial Moisturiser, Anti Wrinkle Cream, Make up Primer, Exfoliating peel and Repair Serum.

This unique, professional quality mineral cosmetics range provides a long wearing, hypoallergenic, innovative approach to your beauty care and offers Variety, Simplicity and Purity with its versatile, multi - purpose natural mineral make up products. With a product for every need, as well as products that can cover many, our mineral make up is everything you need in one product range.

Our pure Mineral Foundation is an all in one product that offers the complete coverage of foundation, Concealer and setting powder with SPF 15+. By using the specialized brushes for each application our mineral foundation creates all the coverage you need while highlighting your natural skin tone, say goodbye to uneven makeup and hello to mineral foundation! On top of being an all in one powder product our mineral foundation can also be mixed with our natural facial moisturiser to create a liquid mineral foundation.


For a complete mineral make up package use our Mineral Eye Shadow or shimmer powders as we call them for multiple cosmetic applications by combining them with of our mixing products. Not only is this amazing mineral make up product an eye shadow, it’s an eye liner, a mascara, a lip colour, a nail polish, a blush and a body shimmer/highlight in a large range of natural complimentary mineral cosmetics colours.

Recognized with the  2008 and 2009 ‘Natural Health & Beauty Award’ for Excellence, Bellàpierre offers full instructional videos on our mineral cosmetics range that ensure you look you’re best every time you step out the door. With no creases, fade, clumps or smear and the once a day application, buy mineral make up to look natural and beautiful no matter what time of day it is.

Buy mineral make up now! With the convenience of our online shop you can choose your natural enhancement mineral cosmetics products from our complete range. It’s never been easier to take care of your skin while looking beautiful, our mineral cosmetics will be the start of a new more confident you.

Your skin will thank you!